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Our purpose and vision

According to Māori tradition Toi te Huatahi, (later known as Toi Kairakau), made landfall at Whakatane, about AD 1150, in search of his grandson, Whatonga. Failing to find Whatonga, he decided to settle in the locality and built a pa on the highest point of the headland now called Kaputerangi, overlooking the present town.

Toi is acknowledged as the principal founding ancestor of many iwi in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, and it is fitting that he should be acknowledged in the name of the Eastern Bay of Plenty’s economic development agency.

Toi-EDA’s purpose and vision is to grow the Eastern Bay of Plenty. In the Māori language:

Tini o Toi – kia tipu, kia puawai 

(To create, grow and blossom the myriads of Toi)


This purpose and vision is measured by:

  • Improved skills by higher education levels

  • Business growth (turnover, increased employees, new business)

  • Improved use of human resources by employment statistics

  • Increased population

  • Increased productivity of the Eastern Bay of Plenty, measured in conjunction with the wider Bay of Plenty region

Toi EDA also has a set of primary goals, which are:

  • Attract people to work, live and play in the Eastern Bay of Plenty

  • Encourage alignment of Māori economic development activity and Toi EDA activity

  • Support and develop industry

  • Advocate for improved infrastructure and transportation

  • Foster communication with the community and partners

  • Secure and diversify the Toi-EDA funding base

Board Members

Toi–EDA’s board members or trustees are experienced businesspeople and community leaders who play a vital role in leading and guiding the organisation. They bring with them a wealth of experience and skills spanning commercial, finance, governance and business development, as well as entrepreneurial skills.

The board’s role is to:

  • Provide strategic leadership and oversee strategy

  • Meet and network with key stakeholders

  • Provide advocacy

  • Monitor progress

  • Provide Governance

  • Generate ideas / Foster growth

  • Influence the community and stakeholders

  • Support staff

  • Perform a custodial role over resources



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