News: Regional growth workshops generate good insight


The Regional Growth Study Workshops took place across the region from 15 – 22 June, with many participants and engaged, informed conversations. Thank you again to all who participated.

The workshops were held to gain insight and input from business, Māori and key stakeholders around the priorities in the study. The workshops will help establish the logical order of focus, identify the people and organisations that will need to be involved, and the specific actions required.

It’s been fantastic to see the energy and cross-pollination of ideas between sectors as well as different parts of the region. These healthy conversations enable true regional responsibility and collaboration at a level that will achieve faster, sustainable growth across the region.

The feedback from the workshops will inform the development of an Action Plan that includes a true regional voice, taking into account the ideas and comments received.

If you weren’t able to make one of the workshops, or if you have any further contributions, please get in touch as it’s not too late for additional ideas.

Next steps
A number of themes have emerged from the workshops, meetings and discussions. A report is being prepared for the Action Group to consider and confirm priorities. This group will be convened within the next two weeks.

From there, the priorities will be presented to the Governance Group and specific opportunity-based implementation plans developed. These will be pulled together into a draft Action Plan to be presented to the region at a final stakeholder engagement hui in August, before being officially released by ministers.

We are pleased so many of you have recognised the unique opportunity presented by the Regional Growth Study to make a real and positive difference to the future of this region. Your contribution and the collaboration demonstrated to date have established the basis for some great outcomes as we move to the next phase.

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