News: Agency congratulates Ōpōtiki


Government ministers visited Ōpōtiki on Thursday, October 29 to announce the government contribution of $3 million to undertake final geotechnical investigations and finalise design options for a new harbour entrance. By 2017/18, the government expects to have clarity on the commercial viability of the project and be in a position to commit a further $26 million towards construction costs.

John said the government's decision to join the project to make the harbour a reality comes after many years of work with a wide range of regional partners, including Toi-EDA.

“Toi EDA has worked in recent years to assist Ōpōtiki District Council as we work to make this vision a reality. Toi’s focus is on generating sustainable employment across the eastern Bay of Plenty, and we have seen Ōpōtiki’s harbour as a key component to this.

“The Ōpōtiki sea farm and harbour developments are well planned and understood and will generate $41-$55 million annually in additional wealth and more than 300 jobs. These jobs are sustainable, long-term and skilled employment opportunities, in the construction phase, the farming and processing operations and the many associated industries that will sit alongside them. We have significant research into the substantial impact this will have economically and socially in the district and throughout the region,” John said.

“Aquaculture is a job-rich and high-value-per-employee industry. The natural flow-on effects are higher educational attainment, greater participation in the workforce and widening employment opportunities. It is a significant win for the district and the flow-on effects will be felt through the whole region."

Toi EDA’s goal is to support the development of key sectors in the Eastern Bay economy to grow employment and wealth. More information on their activities and achievements can be found in the annual report here.