News: Mayors Focused on Future


A regional sense of collaboration and shared focus is the result of a fresh agreement between the Economic Development Agency (Toi EDA) and the Councils of the Eastern Bay of Plenty, Whakatane Mayor Tony Bonne said following a meeting in Whakatane last week.

Chairman of the Economic Development Agency, John Galbraith, said that if the Eastern Bay of Plenty is to compete for new businesses and investment, plus ensure the region is putting the right attractors in place for tourism growth over the next few years, the region needed to pool its resources and operate as one team.

“The recent regional Growth Study has highlighted and quantified the opportunities for growth in the eastern bay economy and opened avenues for central funding for well-constructed business cases, backed by collaborative effort,” he said.

The meeting between the Eastern Bay Mayors and Toi-EDA Trustees agreed to put in place sector-focused strategies, supported by new funding and fresh partnerships with business, Iwi and the community to optimise wealth creation and jobs for the region.They also voted to refresh the Toi EDA Board of Trustees, retaining some institutional knowledge and going to the market for fresh talent.

The new structure is expected to be in place by early-August and the Trust will advertise for a suitably skilled person to drive the new initiatives and relationships.