News: Summertime inspiration about EBoP jobs and careers


“Great opportunities right here” is a clear message from Eastern Bay Millenials and Gen Z ‘stars’ featured in recently released video clips. They feature eleven young people working across a wide range of local jobs and enterprises, and their enthusiasm for the region and their mahi shines through.
Toi EDA, the Eastern Bay’s economic development agency, put the project together. “Earlier in the year, our annual LinkUP survey with senior school students clearly indicated their preferred ways of learning about careers and jobs. The standout is through visits and experiences, and we’re helping innovate more of those with schools and industry. But the clear second choice for well over half the students was “on-line”, so we’ve started building content through these stories” says Barbara MacLennan, Toi EDA’s Workforce Development Manager.       
“Our video-making team had a great response from businesses and young entrepreneurs across the board. They’re all passionate about Eastern Bay of Plenty communities, and keen to attract local rangatahi and young people into their industries. 
Next year, along with Trish Collett who’s our Toi EDA LinkUp Co-ordinator, we’ll be planning more on-line content and “hands on” programmes with schools.”
More information: Barbara MacLennan, Workforce Development Manager
M 0274252277, E