News: Measuring what is important to our community

Toi EDA (Eastern Bay of Plenty Economic Development Agency) is proud that the Eastern Bay region is one of the strongest in the country and, through their partnership network, will now have real time data to prove it.
Ian Morton, General Manager of Toi EDA says, "A critical aspect of managing the region’s growth is to understand that this investment is making a difference for our local communities, accessing data that can help us track outcomes that are important for our local communities is key".
"Toi EDA has partnered with Trust Horizon, BayTrust and Eastbay REAP to fund 'Dot Loves Data', a live data platform that we can use to track key community indicators such as population, employment, income and benefits, housing and deprivation."
"Having access to consistent data and insights we can build better business cases for investment into critical public infrastructure, such as housing and digital connectivity, to support the already strong growth. If anyone in our local community is putting in place funding applications or are looking to grow their investments in their businesses and would like the data to support these applications, please reach out."
Karl Gradon, General Manager of Toi EDA says "We are seeing significant investment in our Rohe through the Provincial Growth Fund, with over $250million investment over the next 3-5 years. Key enabling infrastructure projects are holding opening events, such as the Whakatohea Mussel Processing Factory which will result in over 100 jobs from August 2021". Alongside this government funding we are seeing a significant amount of private investment in aquaculture, high value horticulture, marine, tourism and industrial projects. We expect to see an additional 4,000 jobs created over the next 10 years in our area, that is nearly 10% of our current population".
"The jobs created will support Toi EDA's objective to ensure we have thriving communities across the Eastern Bay of Plenty".
Dr Ryan Morrison, CEO for Eastbay REAP, says “Having a clear picture of the lifelong learners we’re supporting and their reality is critical to help us shape learning programmes. Data represents real people and their environment, so we’re keen to take a shared approach to understanding how data can help us target gap-filling responses around things like early childhood education, school attendance and youth engagement, as well as digital, life, and foundation skills.
Eastbay REAP has a clear focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and wellbeing. We aim to use improved data to develop contextual indicators of success for our learners and communities that show real impact. Our responsive activities reached over 20,000 participants of all ages and stages in 2020, so we have a lots of outcomes to share with partners. Mapping those to relevant social data means we can tell our shared story in the Eastern Bay of how we’re collectively making a difference.”

Successful regions are increasingly using local data so they can prioritise their budgets, better target funding and measure ongoing performance. Dot Loves Data is proud to help the Eastern Bay of Plenty realise their ambitions by providing up to date and granular data for the region.
For more information on any of the activities in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, contact Toi EDA, the local economic development agency.

Contact Details:

Lisa Baty, Office Manager

About Toi EDA:

Toi EDA is the economic development agency for the Eastern Bay of Plenty, named in honour of the legacy of Toi, the legendary explorer. The Eastern Bay of Plenty, made up of the Ōpōtiki, Whakatāne, and Kawerau Districts, is a region that has long showed great promise based on its rich natural resources. Toi EDA works with the Mataatua waka descendants, three District Councils, and other local partners to ensure we deliver against our opportunities and promise. Our aspiration is simple – we will create a better future for the next generations.
By working with the District Councils as our core funders, Toi EDA has refined a highly focused strategy to execute. We have a simple three pronged focus. A Winning Brand for the region, creating hope for people that live here, and want to invest here. To do this we will have a Sustainable Economic Development engine, which works collaboratively with Central government and investors to attract catalytic infrastructure and investment that create employment and sustainable sectors. The final, and most important outcome for us, is the focus on creating Thriving Communities by building alliances that offer healthy and affordable homes, an empowered workforce, and infrastructure that connects the Eastern Bay to the world.