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Toi-EDA Annual Report


Strategic Plan 2015-2016

The Opotiki Harbour Transformation Project

This Aquaculture development aims to create one of NZ’s largest offshore marine farms. It will be supported by a large-scale infrastructure project to improve the navigability of the Opotiki Harbour entrance, which is critical to the success of the project. For more information visit

ODC and Toi-EDA commissioned an assessment of the economic impact of the project, including description of how the impacts are likely to be distributed through the district, region and nation.  The report from Sapere Research Group can be viewed on the Opotiki District Council website.

The Bay of Connections Aquaculture Strategy, which identifies potential for an aquaculture industry in the region providing export sales of NZ$250 million and employing over 3,000 people. The strategy depends on a viable commercial harbour in the Eastern Bay.
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Kawerau Industrial Symbiosis

New Zealand is one of the few countries with significant and increasing volume of available, sustainably managed wood and the central North Island and the Bay of Plenty is the principal forestry growing and processing region in New Zealand, producing 45% of the national harvest.

Kawerau District Council actively seeks industrial growth and works with Toi EDA to create and market wood processing opportunities in Kawerau.  Kawerau also has access to significant geothermal Energy resources, rail links to the Port of Tauranga and available industrial land and 

The town of Kawerau is a well established wood processing centre supported by an internationally competitive engineering and servicing cluster. Located just 90km from New Zealand's largest port and linked by high quality rail and road infrastructure, Kawerau provides an outstanding softwood processing opportunity in a world market increasingly short of wood.

Toi-EDA can assist you with introductions and information on land owners, council and the forestry industry. Please contact:

John Galbraith
Toi-EDA Economic Development Adviser
Ph 0064 2744 58839

Toi EDA continues to promote wood processing opportunities to the Chinese markets, the Christchurch rebuild and to support Iwi to explore value added opportunities in the forest and wood products supply chain.

Freight & Logistics

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Workforce Development and Pathways to Work

Toi-EDA is leading a workforce planning project to maximise employment opportunities for local people in two key growth industries in the Eastern Bay- kiwifruit and aquaculture. Industry leaders will talk about their plans and we’ll outline the workforce project aimed at strengthening connections between these industries and training providers, schools, local agencies and communities, to create pathways into jobs.
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Semester 2 2016 Education & Training Pathways to Work Poster

Maori Economic Development

The Maori Economic Development strategy was officially launched in February 2014, the culmination of 18 months of collaboration across the region, with hundreds of people involved in its development. 

Maori are recognised as major stakeholders and contributors to economic growth in the region. The current value and future potential of the Maori economy can be seen across all Bay of Connections’ sector strategies, including aquaculture, forestry, energy, freight logistics and sport and recreation, particularly Rugby Sevens. Maori can make an even greater contribution to the future growth of the region, as they make up a large proportion of, and own a significant asset base across, key sectors in the wider Bay of Plenty. In addition, Maori comprise nearly half of all young people under 15 in the region.

Read more on the Bay of Connections website.