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We take economic development seriously in the Eastern Bay of Plenty. If you are thinking of starting a new business or relocating your existing business then we are set up to support you.

ToiEDA is focused on strategically growing the sub-region’s economy and creating an economic environment which increases employment opportunities and average income levels for the community. We need to attract business that doesn’t just service our population growth, but that require higher levels of skills and who reflect those skills in wages and salaries they are able to pay. These businesses will assist in achieving a balanced, dynamic economy to ensure we are at the leading edge in the national and international competition for economic growth. How do we drive change?
ToiEDA is about building partnerships with people, government departments and business who share our vision and who believe in initiating action to make it happen. The best outcomes are forged on relationship where we all work together towards the same goal for the benefit of all.
Every person or business has something to offer, and everyone can contribute in some way, whether it be large or small. The more people involved, the easier it will be for us to drive change. It is up to us all to keep focused on the big picture and identify the opportunities and ideas that will add o the economic growth and development of our region.
Once an opportunity is identifies, we instigate projects that bring the right people together. We instigate actions that get the opportunity off the ground and underway in order for it to play its part in the Economic Growth and Development of our region:
After initiating a project we see it through to completion and guide its ongoing direction. We facilitate our projects in order to keep them aligned with our vision of creating a future for our region. We make sure it’s kept on track and we keep everyone abreast of progress and results.
We all benefit from achieving Economic Growth and Developing the Bay of Plenty’s businesses, communities and lifestyle opportunities. That’s why every project we undertake is focused on the growing of our region both nationally and internationally. If we all work together, we can drive change towards a beneficial and more productive future.
 The Chamber of Commerce is an international membership association for businesses. The Eastern Bay of Plenty has its own chapter based in Whakatāne and serving the wider region. The CEO of the Chamber is Ged Casey.
The Eastern Bay Chamber’s Strategic goals are to maintain a Strong voice for membership locally, regionally, nationally while growing and maintaining a satisfied membership base. The Chamber also believes in supporting vibrant & successful Eastern Bay Of Plenty businesses
Whakatāne Retail Promotion group
   – Retail promotion
   – Rewarding retail excellence
   – Improve retail image
   – Improve retail profitability
• Mentor NZ
• Regional capability assessment (export businesses)
• Regional Partnership

The District Councils are the regulatory authority. They are responsible for consents and licensing.


The Bay of Plenty Regional Council is responsible for Environmental consents

Bay of Plenty Regional Council


Kawerau Enterprise Agency Inc was established in 1985 to improve the economic well being of Kawerau and aims to maximize the use of available resources, grow existing business and attract new business. The first Enterprise Agency in New Zealand and now the only one of its type, KEA Inc is a self-financing operation, independent from Council.


New Zealand Trade and Enterprise provide access to experienced people, market knowledge and qualified opportunities to help New Zealand businesses grow and succeed in the global economy.

Business Mentoring Service

Small business owners can become very isolated - without peers or colleagues to talk to about their company and often are too busy with day-to-day operational details to take stock. Many lose sight of the need to assess their business 'from a distance' and frequently forget their original goals and plans.An experienced business mentor can help refocus or offer specific advice. Business mentors are coaches, not consultants. They do not take the place of existing professional advisers, and in fact often recommend clients develop a closer relationship with their accountant, bank manager or other professional service suppliers. Mentoring programmes offer expertise in a range of areas of business management - matching clients with mentors depending on the knowledge and skills required. If you seek a business mentor you will be connected with an empathetic, experienced person to talk to about the challenges and difficulties you face. This process should help you identify strategies and opportunities for growth, helping you to gain confidence in your ability to plan and manage a venture, meet new challenges, and help you learn how to obtain the skills necessary for achieving your desired results.  Business mentors provide their service on a voluntary basis but there is an initial fee of $100 to become part of the programme.

To find out more please visit or contact the national office on  (09) 525 0380.  To apply for a mentor phone  0800 103 400 or  0508 103 400 or visit