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Eastern Bay Regional Leadership Group  

ToiEDA is a member and part funder of the Eastern Regional Leadership Group and helped develop the comprehensive study of current Economic Development Projects across the Eastern Bay of Plenty.  This Project was championed by Kiritapu Allen MP with Sir Michael Cullen as Patron.  Working with the three councils and Bay of Plenty Regional Council, the team identified 65 projects which would lead to 7,000 new full time jobs and $690m/annum extra GDP by 2030 if all succeeded.
Eastern Bay Beyond Today Implementation Plan
- Provincial Growth Fund           
- Upper North Island Key Sector Trends to 2015 And Labour Demand to 2020 Summary Report

The New Zealand Government has allocated three billion dollars over a three-year term to invest in regional economic development through the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF).

ToiEDA’s role is to assist organisations with their PGF applications and liaise with the Provincial Development Unit(PDU) as required.  This ranges from simple letters of support through to full application writing and assisting the PDU team to understand the various projects.

Industrial Symbiosis Kawerau (ISK)  
Industrial symbiosis is a relatively new term that describes the collaboration between different enterprises for which the geographic proximity of each allows for the sharing of resources, increasing the viability and competitive advantage of the other.
It involves the exchange of materials, energy, water, by-products, services, knowledge, intellectual property, social capital and networks to reduce resource costs, increase revenues and create new business opportunities.

ToiEDA is a member of ISK and our team has been involved in several current initiatives including managing the RFP process to identify and select the Container Terminal Operator and to coordinate a ‘whole of government’ support for a potential large scale manufacturer.

The ToiEDA Board Members also utilise their networks and links with Central Government to address challenges to more efficient and effective logistics.


One of the major constraint areas to growth is in transport and logistics.  ToiEDA is involved in undertaking a logistics study to identify the likely future freight flows, key transport route resilience, likely modes of transport, the need and location for specialist refrigerated containers and the best locations for cool and cold stores. 


Horizon_Energy_Toi-EDA-Economic-Award-Winner-2018.jpgAquaculture is the breeding and growing of animals and plants in the water. It can happen on land, in ponds or tanks, but most aquaculture in New Zealand is in the sea.

The main commercial species farmed in New Zealand are green lipped mussels and Pacific oysters. Green lipped mussels are grown on lines suspended from floats on the surface, while Pacific oysters are grown on intertidal racks. Other species farmed include salmon, paua, snapper and kingfish.

ToiEDA is a member of the Regional Aquaculture Organisation and also the Ōpōtiki Marine Advisory Group.  These forums identify areas where advocacy and support could help develop the industry and investment into key infrastructure.

The major item of infrastructure is the Ōpōtiki Harbour Project which is currently being re-worked in terms of rock source and costings.  Development of the supporting commercial enterprises and initiatives including the commercial wharf, processing on-shore, public marina and of course the sea farms will all help support the investment in the Harbour.

High Value Horticulture 

High value horticulture has significant potential for further development in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.  Two studies have identified around 4000 hectares of suitable land for a range of crops provided that irrigation water can be accessed.

Kiwifruit has been established for many years in Te Teko, Ōpōtiki, Te Kaha and Omaio.  These areas have proven themselves to be both high yielding, high quality and ability to access early start premiums.  There are three kiwifruit packhouses servicing the Ōpōtiki and Edgecumbe prime growing areas.

ToiEDA has been assisting iwi groups wanting to develop Māori-owned land to overcome the key constraints of access to irrigation and innovative funding models.   This has included development of a comprehensive Information Memorandum, PGF applications, liaising with Banks, professional advisers and potential investors.

High Value crops of interest include kiwifruit, avocados, blueberries, hemp, grapes, apples.

ANZ insights into the kiwifruit industry investment opportunities and challenges



Slovenia-Minister-of-Tourism-sm.jpgThe visitor experiences are largely related to the natural assets of the region with White Island being a growing international attraction. Other key attractors include beaches, forest and rivers in the region.

Visitation to the region is over 80% domestic with a high proportion of beach and holiday park/back- packer style holidays. There is also an increasing uptake of adventure activities around mountain biking, rafting and kayaking in the region.
Total visitor spend in the region is estimated at $155M which comprises around 5% of the regional GDP.

With an aspiration of over 4% growth per year in visitor spend there are significant opportunities in the region.
ToiEDA has valuable global networks in the Tourism Industry and has assisted the Eastern Bay with access to recognised global leaders in the sector.  These have included Prof Terry Stevens (UN World Expert on Tourism), Slovenia Tourism, Wonderful Copenhagen and Old Stone Walls Weddings Wales).

EBoP Tourism Strategy 

Bay of Connections strategies

Bay of Connections strategies

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