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Education Services

Families moving to the region will have access to high quality schools. From pre-school through high school children have a good selection of schools to choose to receive a quality education.   All children start school when they turn five.  The school year runs from January to December and is divided into four terms. There are public, private and integrated schools available.  Most children go to the school nearest to their house.  If you want your child to go to a school outside the school zone you live in, you need to apply to that school.  Preschool-age children can be enrolled at kindergartens, playcentres and child care facilities.   You can read government reports on each school


A wide range of other educational institutions in the Eastern Bay's main centres offer everything from tertiary education courses to development of skills in a diverse range of activities such as building, construction, commercial fishing and the hospitality trade.  Waiariki Polytechnic (based in Rotorua) has a Whakatane campus offering a variety of tertiary education courses while Te Whare Wananga o Awanuiarangi (University of Awanuiarangi) in Whakatane offers degree and post-graduate courses.  Other private training establishments provide tertiary education opportunities in teacher, early childhood and teacher aide training, along with Trade Education in automotive and carpentry.

Healthcare Services

Whakatane has an excellent hospital providing a good range of core health services.  Whakatane Hospital is a medium sized secondary hospital providing services to the people of the Eastern Bay of Plenty. With 160 beds and more than 800 staff employed, the hospital provides a comprehensive range of level 3-4 services to its population. These include medical, surgical, paediatrics, maternity, obstetrics and gynaecology, mental health, and a wide range of associated clinical support and allied health services. The Project Hope Cancer Centre provides an excellent oncology base for the region.

Disabilities Resource Centre

General Practitioners in the Eastern Bay of Plenty often operate out of health clinics encompassing other health care professionals - dentists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, independent midwives and more.  Dentists and alternative health care services (acupuncture, osteopathy, chiropractics, kinesiology) are also available.   Disabilities Resource Centre Trust assist people with disabilities to reach their goals.   Which includes Home Care Services, Information services, Advocacy and Independent Living and Community Service.


It is important to be confident that your child is in professional and caring childcare when you need them to be.  New Zealand has a variety of different styles of childcare and all are represented in the Eastern Bay of Plenty Region. 

Pre-schools and care centres

Pre-schools and care centres are open for a full day (7.00 to 6.00). They can be either licensed for under-twos or over-twos or a mix of both. Some offer casual care, some run as morning or afternoon sessions and others operate on full day care. Kindergartens are run by trained and registered early childhood teachers.  Learning is focused on developing social skills and learning through play.  Some offer either morning or afternoon sessions but others operate more like a school day.   Children usually attend from age 3 to 5.  Playcentres are run as parent cooperatives. Parents are responsible for both managing the centre and working with the children during session. Playcentre caters from birth to five year olds.


Homecare provides supervised care to small groups of children usually in the carer’s home. Fees are usually paid on an hourly basis and timing can be flexible to fit in with a families needs.Parents are most often encouraged to be involved so it also offers an excellent way of meeting other families. Early childhood education providers usually charge on an hourly basis. Many will also offer the Free 20 hours Early Childhood education government approved subsidy. There are a number of community and parent lead pre-school facilities such as playgroups and music classes. To find out more contact the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Elderly Care

The Eastern Bay of Plenty is a popular spot for retirement. With some of the highest annual sunshine hours and an appealing climate, along with our relaxed lifestyle, the region is ideal to enjoy your retirement years. The Eastern Bay of Plenty offers a wide range of activities including attractive golf courses, arts, clubs and sports activities. Whakatane, the main urban centre, is thriving with busy retail shops and attractive cafes. Many major retail chains have a presence in Whakatane. The healthcare facilities are excellent with a wide range of practitioners available. Real Estate is attractive, yet still affordable with a number of new subdivisions and luxury apartment buildings currently underway.

  • Mary Shapley Rest Home Hospital (Whakatane)

  • Ohope Lodge Retirement Village (Ohope)

  • Golden Pond Home and Hospital & Golden Pond Lifecare (Whakatane)

  • Sheaff's Rest Home (Whakatane)

  • Mountain View Rest HomeView the Mountain View Rest Home PDF (Kawerau)

  • Peria House (Opotiki)

  • Thornton Park Retirement Lodge (Opotiki)

For comprehensive information on services for older people in New Zealand visit

Real Estate

The majority of New Zealanders own their own homes, and the affordability of purchasing real estate is another factor that distinguishes New Zealand from many other western countries. While in recent years prices have been creeping upwards, you will find that purchasing your own home is still very much in reach for most people.

In the Eastern Bay of Plenty houses are predominantly timber with weatherboard cladding. This is a very common style of building in New Zealand thanks to our easy and cheap access to timber.  In recent years we have seen a shift to brick houses and the construction of more apartment buildings in urban areas.Securing a house with a view is surprisingly affordable and thanks to our extensive coastline you are very likely to be able to get that house with a sea view that you have always dreamed of.

Whakatane and Ohope are popular residential locations, with property prices providing excellent value compared with the major centres. Kawerau in particular offers fantastic value for money and offers a great range of properties, as does Opotiki.For those of you who are really after the wide open spaces you will find yourself able to choose from a wide range of lifestyle blocks in the rural areas. Small sections of up to two acres are very popular for people wanting to keep their neighbours at arm’s length but want to remain close enough to urban areas to enjoy the benefits they offer.

If moving from overseas, it is likely that you will be pleasantly surprised at how far your money may stretch in the Eastern Bay of Plenty housing market. The latest local property report is supplied by Professionals Whakatane.   For more enquiries about purchasing property in the Eastern Bay of Plenty please contact: