Living in New Zealand

If you’re looking for a more balanced lifestyle, you’ll find New Zealand’s got the recipe just right. It's why we’re consistently at or near the top of surveys comparing quality of life internationally. And why three quarters of recent migrants decide they want to stay permanently, according to an Immigration New Zealand survey – with nine out of ten prepared to recommend New Zealand to family and friends.

Get a career. And a life.

Working hard and getting ahead is considered a virtue in New Zealand.   You’ll find we’re a well-developed, connected country and we can offer all sorts lots of opportunities to advance and broaden your career.  But, just as important to us is life away from the job.  Good living in New Zealand is about balancing an honest day’s work with social fun, time at home with your family and taking advantage of all the recreational opportunities you can enjoy here.  You’ll find the pace of life here is less stressed.  And there are all sorts of opportunities to get outdoors and be as physical as you want – from lazing on an uncrowded beach to getting close to nature in the bush or hooping it down a mountain bike track.  Enjoying the outdoors isn't just a rural privilege - you can experience this lifestyle while living in our cities and towns too. There’s a lively arts scene with heaps going on in music, theatre, film and comedy.  And you get a good dose of annual leave plus public holidays so there’s plenty of time to enjoy all the great things New Zealand has to offer.   You also get to choose the lifestyle you’ve dreamed of – whether it’s a modern apartment in a lively urban environment, a home with a garden and room for the kids to play, somewhere by the seaside or maybe a rural retreat.   You’ll enjoy the food and wine here, and you certainly won’t miss those big commutes.

Clean and Beautiful

Every country has a certain amount of natural beauty to boast about.  New Zealand just happens to have more, lots more.  Even better, it’s not just concentrated in a few highlights tucked away in the backblocks.  Great scenery surrounds us.   Even in the biggest cities you’re never far from the coasts, the bush and the hills if you’re not actually living there already.

Welcoming to newcomers

We’re great international travellers ourselves, and nearly a quarter of us were born outside New Zealand anyway.  In total over 90% of us say we have some connection with another country through family, friends or interests.  That all adds up to a warm welcome.  In fact, nine out of ten migrants find that the welcome they receive when they first arrive meets or exceeds their expectations, according to a recent Immigration New Zealand survey.

Family friendly

If you have a family to consider, the idea of moving to a new country gets a whole lot more complicated.  But be assured, New Zealand is a great place to bring up children.  It’s why so many Kiwis who have lived overseas return home when it’s time to start a family.  They know that children here enjoy many things other countries just can’t offer.   With flexibility to choose the lifestyle you’ve always wanted and the support of excellent public services, it’s surprisingly easy to give your family those advantages too.

Safe and secure

As many new arrivals know all too well, we New Zealanders just don’t know how lucky we are when it comes to enjoying a safe and secure environment.  Of course we have crime, some of it quite shocking.  But compared to what goes on in many other parts of the world ours is an easy-going and happy country largely free of violence and strife between communities.   Which means you and your family can get on with enjoying your life.

We're rated in international surveys as one of the world's most peaceful countries.   We're also rated the least corrupt.  You and your family will be able to move freely and without fear, so you can enjoy all New Zealand has to offer.   We don't even have any seriously dangerous wildlife for you to worry about.  And because so many of us have some personal connection with other countries, we know what it's like being a newcomer.