Living in the Eastern Bay

The Eastern Bay of Plenty is a beautiful place. It takes in over 200km of New Zealand's coastline, from the lonely sands of the Matata straights through to the rugged rocks of the East Coast. If you are looking for a slice of real New Zealand, you'll find it here.

You will love the pristine natural environment here, which plays such an important part in our lifestyle. The region offers every outdoor pursuit you could want (with the exception of snow skiing, but that is only a couple of hours away). Well known for its game fishing, Whakatane hosts an annual tuna tournament, attracting competitors from around the world. Those with adventurous souls will love the untouched bush of the Ureweras; and for those who prefer relaxing, well you will find the best sandy beaches in New Zealand. Many kiwi families have fond memories of summer days spent at Ohope beach.

When you have tired of the coast (how could you?) you can head inland. Many swift and clear rivers offer recreational opportunities for rafting, kayaking, fishing and game hunting. Inland, a significant proportion of the region is protected native forest within Te Urewera National Park (the third largest national park in New Zealand). Along with the Whirinaki Forest Park, this is part of the largest remaining indigenous forest tract left in the North Island. The region is made up of three Districts - Kawerau, Opotiki and Whakatane. The Eastern Bay of Plenty’s population currently stands at an estimated 50,510 and is anticipated to continue to increase in line with national trends.
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Events make an important contribution to the diversity, vibrancy and identity of the Eastern Bay of Plenty. They also provide opportunities for entertainment and boost the local economy.  Take a look at the events calendar on


Have you ever dived at an active marine volcano? One of the best diving experiences in the world is available here in the Eastern Bay, and living here is your ideal opportunity to get into the amazing sport of SCUBA diving.

Sports Clubs

You’ll be able to follow your passion for pretty much any sport you choose when you live here. Most sporting facilities are available right here in the Eastern Bay.

Arts & Culture

You might be surprised to know that the region has a very active arts and culture scene which is an important part of the community strength and identity of the region.


If you enjoy fishing, or you are keen to try it out, this is the place to be. Every style of fishing is catered for, whether you prefer to stalk trout with a fly, or battle a marlin for hours; you will be able to do it here.


The Eastern Bay of Plenty offers a range of walking tracks for every level of fitness. If you are looking for an easy 30 minute walk or a tramping/hiking trip spanning several days, you’re in luck because they are all here.

Great Outdoors

If you ask people in the Eastern Bay of Plenty what one factor distinguishes this region, you will get a single answer - the great outdoors.


The Eastern Bay of Plenty is spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches. From the safe golden sand beach of Ohope to excellent surfcasting and surfing spots right along this coast, to the secluded beach of Otarawairere, this is a beach lover's paradise.


Tourism is the fastest growing local industry and presents plenty of investment opportunities. The Eastern Bay of Plenty’s spectacular inland and coastal attractions, including marine volcano White Island, have encouraged the growth of tourism, with local marketing activities helping to lift visitor numbers and strengthen the Eastern Bay of Plenty’s economy.