Measuring what is important to our community

14/07/2021 Toi EDA (Eastern Bay of Plenty Economic Development Agency) is proud that the Eastern Bay region is one of the strongest in the country and, through their partnership network, will now have real time data to prove it. Read More

Norske Skog Paper Mill Closure Validates the EBOP Regions Diversification Strategy

10/06/2021 The announcement overnight that Norske Skog will close is devastating for the families involved and for the wider regional wood processing sector. However, the recent focus on diversifying the region’s economy away from reliance on forestry has been validated by the news, according to Toi EDA. Read More

Smurfit Welcomed to the Eastern Bay Business Community


Today’s announcement by Smurfit, to invest in the Whakatāne Board Mill has been welcomed by the Eastern Bay business community.

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Affordable Digital Connectivity Solution for All Of Government To Save Tax Dollars!

25/05/2021 An affordable solution that brings fast digital access to rural Eastern Bay residents has been proposed by Toi EDA to leverage the existing fibre connections to the regions schools.
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Youth Survey 2021

11/05/2021 It’s Youth Week and Toi EDA has launched the Eastern Bay of Plenty Youth Survey 2021. We’re keen to hear from all 15-19 year old Eastern Bay of Plenty school and kura students. Please share this link at your school/kura/community, and encourage rangatahi and young people to respond. 20 questions, 20 chances to win a $50 voucher! The survey link is: Read More

Toi EDA sees opportunities in the Whakatāne Board Mill Review


Last nights announcement that the Whakatāne Board Mill’s Swiss owner, SIG, is proposing to close the facility is a significant blow to the local economy. Employing over 200 highly skilled staff and a major processor of NZ wood fibre, the Mill is the backbone of the local Whakatane economy.

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Closure of another local bank branch widens ‘digital gap’ in Eastern Bay of Plenty  


The announcement by the BNZ that they will be closing their Ōpōtiki branch comes as a disappointment to the local community and threatens to further grow the social inequality found in the region, according to Toi EDA.

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Toi EDA provides wider picture on fibre processing in Eastern Bay of Plenty


In light of recent announcements from timber processors based in Kawerau, and the implications of COVID being felt around the world, the Eastern Bay’s economic development agency, Toi EDA, highlighted what this might mean for one of the region’s biggest industries. 

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Whakatane battles double whammy of volcanic eruption and virus

22/07/2020 Whakatane is battling back from the double whammy of the Whakaari White Island eruption and Covid-19 border closure. Read More

Local business shows how to become a “youth-ready employer”


A newly developed Cadetship Resource shares learning from the experience of a local company to recruit and support young cadets to thrive, and offers practical templates for other employers to adapt and use.

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Consumer confidence high in the Eastern Bay


Eastern Bay residents and visitors are opening their wallets as local business and consumer confidence runs high.

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Toi EDA Chair Appointed to Regional Skills Leadership Group


Toi EDA’s acting Chair, John Galbraith, has been appointed to the newly-announced Interim Regional Skills Leadership Group and will bring a strong Eastern Bay voice to the Board.

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Eastern Bay to boom following PGF funding


This week [subs week of 24 February 2020] has seen three separate funding announcements in the eastern Bay of Plenty through the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF). Taken together, Toi EDA Chair, David Turner, said it represented an opportunity to make an intergenerational transformation to the Eastern BOP.

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Eastern Bay growth will be felt for generations


Today’s [subs 25 February 2020] Provincial Growth Fund announcement for the Kawerau Rail Terminal is a significant milestone for the entire Eastern Bay of Plenty sub region and marks a ‘generational change’ for local communities.

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Te Ara Huringa ō Pupuwharau celebrates its first graduates.


Toi EDA in conjunction with Toi Ohomai celebrated the success of its first graduates of the Certificate in Warehousing and Distribution course that has been running at the new Eastern Bay Driver Operator Training Centre in Kawerau.

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Te Ara Huringa ō Pupuwharau Open Day


There were lots of highlights for participants in the recent Eastern Bay Driver and Operator Training Centre Open Day. Current students spoke about what they’ve learned and their aspirations for work, and participants could scale scaffold or jump into the cab of a big truck.

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Impacts of new investment in locally-led solutions


Toi EDA Chair, David Turner, is excited to see the impacts of government investment in new pathways to work led by Eastern Bay of Plenty communities.

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Education to Employment Workshops - news and registration details


Learning from international Youth to Employment experience

The Eastern Bay faces rapid economic growth and all industries are calling out for youthful recruits. Our region is not alone. This is a worldwide challenge and creates an urgent imperative both to improve our transition rates directly from education to employment, and to attract local rangatahi and young people into good jobs right here.

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New pathways to Jobs for Eastern BoP students


Applications have opened for a new programme about Eastern Bay of Plenty’s booming horticulture industry. It’s for senior school students planning to move into training or work at the end of 2020, and keen on science and technology, business and management and freight and logistics roles.

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New training centre, new name, new opportunities


Last Friday in Kawerau the Eastern Bay of Plenty’s new driver and operator training centre was named, blessed and officially opened.
Toi EDA Chair, David Turner, had the honour of cutting the ribbon, and Reverend Graham Te Rire shared  the name gifted to the new facility, Te Ara Huringa ō Pupuwharau.

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New Training Facility for Eastern BoP


Moving goods and people around and from the Eastern Bay of Plenty is a key enabler for regional development. And thanks to the Provincial Growth Fund announcements today, there’s about to be more investment in accessible training for local people to gain the skills industry needs to drive and operate the vehicles and machines we need.

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Summertime inspiration about EBoP jobs and careers


“Great opportunities right here” is a clear message from Eastern Bay Millenials and Gen Z ‘stars’ featured in recently released video clips. They feature eleven young people working across a wide range of local jobs and enterprises, and their enthusiasm for the region and their mahi shines through. 

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Eastern Bay Road Safety Programme supports Community Driver Mentoring Programme


The lack of a small rectangle of plastic is one of the greatest barriers to employment, and the driver behind a new partnership agreement that will see more young people job-ready, with licences in their pockets.

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HEG Business Excellence Award boosts Ōpōtiki College Pride and Commitment


Ōpōtiki College were the winners of the inaugural Toi EDA LinkUp – connecting rangatahi, education and the world of work Award for their school transformation and focus on “Work Ready Pathways”. In her acceptance of the Award, Principal Susan Impey said “We’re a small school, but we’re making big changes to work in close partnership with our local Iwi, community, and employers.”

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Award celebrates school-business collaboration


The Chamber of Commerce is keen to hear about Eastern BoP schools and businesses that create learning opportunities and work experiences for students.
They’re promoting a new Business Practice Award sponsored by Toi-EDA. It’s the “LinkUp EBoP - Connecting Rangatahi, Education and the World of Work Award.”

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Last FEW Days Left for EBoP Secondary Students to share their voice re: the world of work!


In their aim to help ignite aspirations and local employment for Eastern Bay of Plenty young people, LinkUp EBoP’s calling out for input from students about;
1. What types of work they would like to know more on
2. How they would like best to find out about world of work resources and opportunities

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Igniting youth aspirations and employment


The Eastern Bay is on the cusp of accelerating economic growth and a wide range of job opportunities. Making sure that rangatahi are aware of this, and they’re gaining relevant skills and knowledge is a key focus for Toi EDA LinkUp. “One essential is the soft skills that employers are calling out for. Things like being positive and willing to learn, good communication and teamwork” says Cindy Lee, LinkUp Co-ordinator.

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Connecting rangatahi, education and the world of work


Connecting rangatahi, education and the world of work is the mission of LinkUp Eastern Bay of Plenty which Toi EDA launched recently. “The Vital Signs Report strongly reinforced what the local community told us last year” says Barbara MacLennan, Toi EDA’s Workforce Development Manager. “More connections between schools and industry are essential. Rangatahi and young people need lots of opportunities to linkup with a wide variety of work while they’re still at school. This informs their own aspirations and their visions for the future.”

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Youth are ‘licensed to work’

20/12/2017 The Youth Employability Programme is the answer to the often-raised concern by local employers that young people lack the ‘soft skills’ to get and keep a job. And judging by the full house of facilitators attending a recent two day training session, the programme is set to be stand-out success for eastern Bay students.  Read More

Youth Employability Skills a big focus for Career LinkUp in 2018


The recent License to Work Facilitator Training session held at Te Whare Wananga ā Awanuiarangi attracted a ‘full house’ of educators and employers according to Barbara MacLennan, Workforce Project Manager for Toi EDA. “We’re keen to support this programme in secondary and tertiary education in the Eastern Bay, as we constantly get feedback from employers about rangatahi lacking the soft skills for employment.”

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Maori Governance and leadership Development Programme

15/10/2017 Registrations are now open for the 2017-18 Maori Governance and Leadership Development Programme.  Read More

New Career LinkUp system aims to better connect students to local jobs


Ensuring secondary school students in the Eastern Bay of Plenty are better connected to the range of career options available and to local employment opportunities is the key aim of a new career service being part-funded through Toi-EDA by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.  

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Eastern BoP Economic Development Agency welcomes investment in youth to employment

12/07/2017 Recent announcements by the Prime Minister and colleagues recognise that each community and region is best placed to codesign and tailor programmes to engage with and support youth into jobs. Read More

Growth across the board in Eastern Bay

05/10/2016 Read More

Toi EDA General Manager Wanted

09/09/2016 Toi EDA is seeking a General Manager, link to advertisement below, click Read more for Job description.

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Audit Report

09/09/2016 Signed-Audit
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Toi-EDA Trustees Wanted

Toi-EDA-Trustees-Advert Read More

Toi-EDA Annual Report

Issued in August 2015 Toi-EDA-Annual-Report.PDF
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Mayors Focused on Future


A regional sense of collaboration and shared focus is the result of a fresh agreement between the Economic Development Agency (Toi EDA) and the Councils of the Eastern Bay of Plenty, Whakatane Mayor Tony Bonne said following a meeting in Whakatane last week.

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Exciting year ahead as developments continue


Welcome to 2016. Last year was a big one for the Bay of Connections, with significant developments on both the Regional Growth Study and the wider Bay of Connections sector strategies.

2016 is set to be another exciting year which will help cement the foundation for the future. We look forward to working alongside you.

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Interest high as Opotiki starts procurement process for harbour entrance


Opotiki District Council has started the formal procurement process with a call for Statements of Interest and Ability (SIA) for design and construction of the Opotiki Harbour.

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Education and Training pathways for the Eastern BoP jobs


Spend some moments this summer planning YOUR next steps towards local jobs! Some industries are already calling out for more workers both at entry level, and also for higher paid and skilled jobs.

Below is a Poster about education and training available in Opotiki in 2016. It highlights learning opportunities for employment in industries where there are workforce shortages locally right now, as well as other great options available to get started on. Remember too, there's big construction projects planned locally and regionally, and new jobs emerging in marine and aquaculture industries in our wonderful Eastern Bay of Plenty.

Also on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th of January come and join us along with many more to the Pop-up Shop - Jobs, Education Training, 10am to 4pm, at 98 Church Street , Opotiki. There will be presentations, giveaways, and many more ideas to get you up and going on your new career path.

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Education and Training pathways for the Eastern BoP jobs


Spend some moments this summer planning YOUR next steps towards local jobs! Some industries are already calling out for more workers both at entry level, and also for higher paid and skilled jobs.

Below is a Poster about education and training available in Opotiki in 2016. It highlights learning opportunities for employment in industries where there are workforce shortages locally right now, as well as other great options available to get started on. Remember too, there's big construction projects planned locally and regionally, and new jobs emerging in marine and aquaculture industries in our wonderful Eastern Bay of Plenty.

Also on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th of January come and join us along with many more to the Pop-up Shop - Jobs, Education Training, 10am to 4pm, at 98 Church Street , Opotiki. There will be presentations, giveaways, and many more ideas to get you up and going on your new career path.


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Tertiary Intentions Strategy leadership group seeking applications


The Bay of Plenty Tertiary Intentions Strategy (2014-19) was developed last year following extensive community consultation and aims to enhance the contribution of the tertiary education sectors to social, cultural, economic and environmental wellbeing across the wider Bay of Plenty region.

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Bay of Connections yearly report launched


After a year of significant economic action and achievement, Bay of Connections launched its Yearly Report in Tauranga on Monday (November 30). As well as the work on the Regional Growth Study and Economic Action Plan, the six business-as-usual Bay of Connections strategies have also progressed positively throughout the year.

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Briefings about the Workforce Development Project in December


Toi-EDA is leading a workforce planning project to maximise employment opportunities for local people in two key growth industries in the Eastern Bay - kiwifruit and aquaculture. Industry leaders will talk about their plans and we’ll outline the workforce project aimed at strengthening connections between these industries and training providers, schools, local agencies and communities, to create pathways into jobs.

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Agency congratulates Ōpōtiki


Toi-EDA executive chair John Galbraith is pleased to add his congratulations to Ōpōtiki on the news that central government is coming on board with the harbour development project.


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Bay of Plenty action plan completed


The Bay of Plenty Regional Growth Study draft action plan is now complete and is with government officials and ministers, before its official launch in the region on October 29.

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Agencies unite to maximise economic growth in Bay (1)


The recent Regional Growth Study Forum in the Eastern Bay has highlighted significant economic development opportunities for the region.

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Bay of Plenty action plan under way


Work on the Bay of Plenty action plan is well under way, with stakeholders across the region and the government engaged in developing key actions in each of the nine priority sectors.

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Stakeholder workshop priorities


Five well-attended workshops were held throughout the region last month, providing local stakeholders with the opportunity to contribute to the development of the region’s action plan for economic growth.

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New Chair appointed for Toi-EDA board


John Galbraith has been appointed the new Board Chair for the Eastern Bay Economic Development Agency (Toi-EDA), replacing the Honourable Sir Michael Cullen.

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Regional growth workshops generate good insight


Welcome to the latest Bay of Plenty Growth Study update. It has been a busy couple of weeks, with a great deal of momentum gained across the region as we work through the Action Plan phase.

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Planning under way for regional workshops


It has been another busy fortnight for the Regional Growth Study (RGS) with the Action Plan Governance Group meeting for the first time yesterday, and planning under way for the upcoming regional workshops.


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Requests for proposals released for Industry Expert roles


As you may be aware, the Bay of Connections strategies are reviewed and updated approximately every three years to ensure they remain relevant in the changing environment.

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Regional Growth Study News Update #1


Welcome to the first fortnightly update on the Bay of Plenty Regional Growth Study and the development of its supporting Action Plan.



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Indicator results show Eastern Bay employment on rise


Latest figures show the Eastern Bay’s economy is continuing its positive direction.

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Report highlights value of tourism to Eastern Bay


If recent Statistics New Zealand (SNZ) figures are anything to go by, the total number of visitors to the Eastern Bay in 2014 will have been higher than commercial accommodation monitor results indicated, according to a recent report commissioned by Toi-EDA for the Eastern Bay councils.

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Appointment of Michael Barnett to Toi EDA Board


The Eastern Bay of Plenty Economic Development Agency, Toi-EDA, is pleased to announce that Michael Barnett will join the Toi-EDA Board as the representative of the Eastern Bay of Plenty Chamber of Commerce.

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Comment on Air New Zealand withdrawal from Whakatane


The Air New Zealand decision to withdraw services from Whakatāne Airport from April 2015 could be bad news for the Eastern Bay economy and would potentially have a significant negative impact on the future economic development of the region, according to the Eastern Bay of Plenty Economic Development Agency, Toi-EDA.

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Economic monitoring report


A recently released report from Toi EDA indicates a positive outlook in the economic environment facing the eastern Bay in the longer term with a return to positive economic growth in the next few years.

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Strategic plan and new trustees


At its meeting on 25 June, the Eastern Bay of Plenty Regional Economic Development Trust (Toi-EDA) adopted its work plan for the coming year and welcomed two new trustees.

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Grow Eastern Bay


The Grow Eastern Bay Business and Economic Development Forum took place on December 3rd at the Awakeri Events Centre.  Approximately 100 business and community representatives attended the event.   The aim of the forum was to gather information and ideas from sector representatives to input into the Eastern Bay Business and Economic Development Strategy.   

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